Something Else Than Suspension Systems?

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Top Car Suspension Manufacturers

All car manufacturers are required by law to add suspension to their vehicles. Suspension is a necessary part of the safety requirements that is needed to keep people and their vehicles free from injury and damage. An auto manufacturer can either create their own suspension systems in-house or they can use an outside company to provide this component. Suspension is important to all vehicles and the following top car suspension manufacturers will be listed here.

Manufcaturer Created System

The best suspension manufacturers for cars is a very debatable subject. However, by the numbers, Honda vehicles probably have the best suspension on the market. Followed by Honda is Toyota and Hyundai. Each of these cars have been known to hold up against pot hole damage and damage from normal wear and tear over the road. Other top suspension manufacturers include Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, Mini, Suzuki, Ford and Mazda. Reportedly, many of these cars typically have less suspension damage and wear and tear than any other brands. Once again, these companies either use their own suspension parts or they have another company provide the systems.

Many manufacturers might design their own suspension systems but they usually take parts from other manufacturers to put their systems together. Brand name suspension parts manufacturers such as Sensa-Trac and Reflex are often used for many suspension systems on automobiles.

Professional After-Market Solutions

Keep in mind that certain aftermarket companies offers some of the top rated suspension systems that are comparable or better than many of the original manufacturers systems. Brands such as Monroe, Koni and Bilstein are three of the best aftermarket suspension parts. KYB and Gabriel make pretty good products as well.

Most of these systems are high end and they are able to last for the life of a car. Keep in mind that many suspension systems fall under warranty on a vehicle and in some cases motorists can have their systems replaced with high end products if they are allowed to do so.

There are two basic types of suspension systems and they include control arm and McPherson. Manufacturers typically have the right types parts to repair, replace or upgrade these systems. Speaking of suspension upgrades, the state of the art suspension systems are equipped with smart technology.

Technology Used

Magnetic dampers uses electrical current through a fluid to adjust the stiffness of a vehicle in relation to road conditions. This technology helps a car to stay grounded to the pavement. Active curve tilting allows a driver and passengers to hug a corner by tilting the body into the turn. The technology makes for a smoother ride when taking corners. Hydraulic roll control provides a vehicle with more stability and gives it an extra boost to prevent roll overs. All of these technologies can be installed on vehicles from aftermarket providers.

The Bose system is another top quality suspension product that can keep a car stiff when taking turns or handling obstacles on the road. This particular system was supposed to be included in many manufactured vehicles but it still has yet to make it to the market on a massive scale. However, drivers can have one of these systems placed onto their vehicles through an aftermarket provider. A car’s suspension is crucial to its performance and handling. Having the right type of system can make a driver not feel as if they are riding on air.

Relation of Car’s Suspension to Oversteering/Understeering of a Car

A vehicle’s suspension is crucial to its performance. All autos need suspension system that is able to support vehicle and passenger load weight, absorb and dampens shocks from the road and is able to keep a vehicle’s tire firmly planted on the ground. In other words, if a car’s suspension is not in tact a person will literally have a rough time on the road whenever they went for a ride. As a motorist drives a vehicle they are utilizing the steering system to get this job done. More importantly, the force and motion that is generated by a vehicle is transferred into the wheels and tires. All vehicles have a certain sensitivity when it comes to steering. This sensitivity is part of a vehicle’s dynamics and it is called understeer and oversteer.

Ovesteer is a condition that happens when a car turns more sharply than a driver intended.

When this condition happens it usually is the result of the rear wheels sliding to the outside of the turn before the front wheels lose traction.

Understeer is the exact opposite and it means to turn less sharply than intended.

The front end slides to the outside while the rear wheels lose traction. Oversteering is a racing technique that is called “drifting”. Many racers in the east use this technique when competing. Understeering often happens in accidents when people lose control their cars.

How does Suspension Impact Oversteering/Understeering?

A vehicle’s suspension helps to keep a car from rolling over when it turns a corner. Especially a left corner. How does this happen? The suspension is able to keep a car under control by simply reducing the forces that work against the tires and wheels as it turns. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a flat and even surface. Normally, when a car is driving in a strait (linear) direction, it encounters a bunch of bumps and objects.

Regardless of these issues, a vehicle’s suspension is able to keep a driver’s ride smooth. Keep in mind that when a person turns a corner, they are still driving on an uneven surface. Not to mention that there are other forces that act against a car tires and steering while it turns. When a driver turns a car, there is an increase in the power of motion while they are turning. This is why most drivers have to slightly hit their brakes while they turn.

Suspension is important to the turning process because it helps to keep a car from flipping over or raising up on two wheels as it turns. Without good suspension a car would be more prone to flip over as it turns a corner.

Again, the suspension helps to keep the tires connected to the ground and reduces the chances of them raising up into the air. When it comes to oversteering/understeering this is important because both of these conditions can easily cause a car to spin out of control or to flip over all together.

Road Conditions Are Important

People who slip on ice in the winter time often experience conditions involving oversteering and understeering. In most cases, vehicles simply crash into one another or some type of object to come to a stop. However, many of these vehicles do not flip over because they have a suspension system in place that prevents the vehicle from experiencing this type of condition. Ultimately, a car’s suspension is necessary for ensuring that they do not flip over or even slide off of the road when they are making turns.

How Does Car Suspensions Work?

car-suspension-1Without getting overly technical, a car’s suspension has four general components. They include the frame, steering linkage, shock absorber and control arm. Here is a simple breakdown of these components:

  • The Frame – this part of of a car is connected to the chassis and it is used to hold together the other major systems of a vehicle. It supports the engine and the body. The suspension supports the frame.
  • Steering Linkage – this part of a car transfers movement into the front wheel.
  • Shock Absorbers – this part of a car consists of a hydraulic device that is designed to absorb and dampen shock impulses that happen from the road.
  • Control Arm – this part of the suspension system is connected to the hub that carries a wheel. It helps to keep a wheel in place while a vehicle is encountering bumps and making turns.

This is a basic breakdown about how a vehicle’s suspension is needed to keep a car moving smoothly down the road and to help motorists to enjoy their driving experience.

So what Parts are Needed to make Suspension Work Properly?

There are three fundamental components of all suspension and they include springs, dampers and anti-sway bars.

  1. Springs – serve the purpose of absorbing energy that results from a bump, object or hole on or in a street. There are different types of springs such as coil and leaf that perform this job.
  2. Dampers –  or shocks are important for keeping a vehicle’s springs from moving back and forth or up and down at at a regular speed. They slow down the vibration of springs. If a person pushes down on the back of their vehicle and it bounces more than twice, this is usually an indication that their shocks are worn.
  3. Anti-Sway Bar – reduces a vehicle’s motion to swing back and forth. It is necessary for vehicle’s when they are turning corners. Without this piece in place, many vehicles would increase their chances of flipping over whenever they took a turn at an increased speed.

The Role of Suspension in Cars

Most people just don’t care.

When most people go out and purchase a car, rarely (if ever) do they think about suspension or how the vehicle handles on the road. Most people are concerned about a vehicle’s price, appearance and its dependability. How a car works does not matter to the average motorist. As long as they can put their key into the ignition and move the vehicle down the road without any problems; then nothing else matters. However, this could be a misguided view to take. The bottom line is that a car’s suspension is one of the most critical features of a car. Technically, it is the second most important system in an automobile outside of the engine. Without a good suspension in place, many people would probably not enjoy driving around in automobiles like they do today.


And should they?

If a vehicle does not have a good suspension or no suspension at all; the drivers and passengers in that vehicle are going to be in for one bumpy and dangerous ride. A car’s suspension increases the friction between a vehicle’s tires and a road’s surface. This is necessary for drivers to have good handling with their vehicles and to make sure that passengers have a comfortable ride.

Keep in mind that all roads have imperfections. These imperfections happen because there is no such thing as a flat and even road. This is almost impossible to achieve. When construction crews create roads, they can only do so much to make them smooth and level. There are a lot of different factors that impact how smooth a road will be. For example, roads are often built on uneven ground surfaces and the elements such as snow, ice, sun and rain can cause a road to become uneven. All of these factors can and will impact how a car can drive down a street.

For your their own safety on the road – YES!

As a motorist drives down a street, they are relying on the tires to transport them over the pavement. Every time they go over an imperfect road force is being applied to the wheels. If a car did not have a suspension, it would simply bounce up into the air every time that it encountered a bump or object on the road. The suspension is what keeps a car from experiencing this problem.

A good example that can be used to explain the importance of suspension has to do with speed bumps. Most drivers have encountered speed bumps. They know that if they go flying over the bumps it creates an uncomfortable ride for them. Now imagine driving over a road that is filled with nothing but speed bumps. Without suspension, people who drive would always experience this type of ride. This illustration clearly points out how important suspension is to motorists and their passengers.

Most drivers are not even aware of the amount of forces that are working against their tires as they drive over a road. Suspension makes sure that those forces are not disrupting a driver’s ability to steer, and it ensures that his passengers are not being shaken like rocks in a can. A suspension makes sure that the wheels do not jump off the ground whenever they encounter some obstacle or uneven surface.